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How everything started

The history of the company begins back in 1998 with the aim of importing and marketing juice production machines, such as juicers, orange juicers, squeezers, etc.
Since then, a multi-year scientific research was transformed into the design, development, and market launch of the innovative My Vitamin Bar machines.
With the patented HC Tech® technology - which debuted on the market in 2013 - our professional juicers have changed the world of juicing and have set new standards in the global fruit and vegetable juicing market.
HC Tech
In 2021, Mr. Bozionelos Nikos, one of the most important entrepreneurs in the Greek food industry, invested in the company, acquiring the majority stake.

Mr. Giannopoulos, founder of my Vitamin Bar

mr. Giannopoulos
Founder of My Vitamin Bar

What came before?

The conception of the idea

From 1998 onwards, constant trips to the four corners of the world enabled the Company's founder, Mr. Giannopoulos, to explore in depth the global fruit and vegetable juice manufacturing market. Back then, the juice was offered in jars without the consumer knowing when and how it was prepared. Having identified this gap, the idea was already born: to build a professional juicer that will offer to the consumer a freshly squeezed juice from fruits and vegetables of his own choice, right in front of his eyes.

International patent

The #1 juicer
in the world!

The perennial research that followed, led to the invention of the new HC Tech® technology which is now internationally patented. By incorporating this technology into My Vitamin Bar juicers, offers great innovations and unique benefits, both for the consumer and for the owner or operator of the machine. The healthiest natural juice in the world is now produced with characteristic ease and speed.


HC Tech

Self washable
Automatic interior washing system

showcase refrigerator
Showcase - Refrigerator

Exceeding our limits

Since 2013, we have been continuously investing in R&D and our expertise in the most advanced juicing technologies has been enriched and perfected. Innovation and pioneering spirit are the heart of our brand. It is now part of our DNA to test and exceed our limits by developing technologically perfect fruit and vegetable professional juicers understanding the global consumer trend for a healthier daily diet.

Our mission

A healthy diet is a real need for the modern consumer, especially for those whose intense rhythms of everyday life create the need for receiving extra natural energy during the day. Our mission is to place our juicers in as many neighborhoods around the world as possible, enabling consumers to enjoy the healthiest juice wherever they are, easily and quickly and every day.

Friends drinking juices and having fun

A few words about today

Η My Vitamin Bar παράγει αποχυμωτές φρούτων και λαχανικών.

My Vitamin Bar develops and produces in Greece innovative fruit and vegetable professional juicers.

HC Tech

With significant investment in R&D and a passion for innovation, we have developed and patented the innovation of HC Tech® juicing know-how with two global patents: the automated internal washing system and the showcase - refrigerator.


Utilizing our expertise in juicing technologies, we help businesses from the HORECA sector and supermarkets capitalize on the increased demand of modern consumers for healthy food.

Juicers with unique and competitive advantages

All our products are designed to give you unique competitive advantages and to your customers the purest and healthiest natural juice.

We are customer centric

We are customer centric

With highly trained personnel, we provide to all our customers worldwide with telephone technical support, while we maintain on a permanent basis the necessary stock of spare parts that will cover you in case of any emergency.

We earn your trust

More and more professionals worldwide are investing in our products every day, capitalizing on the trend of modern consumers for healthy eating. Armed with our expertise in juicing technologies, know-how and excellent service to all our customers, we earn the trust of markets worldwide.

We earn the trust of markets worldwide

Take advantage of the new consumer trend for healthy eating and increase your turnover.


New consumer trend for healthy eating
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